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Happy Summer Teacher Friends!

I have had a busy summer so far!  I spent three weeks in June writing science curriculum for my school district.  I love diving into the TEKS and developing ideas that other teachers can use in their classrooms to teach science!  I work with a great team!

My husband and I are also fostering two Yorkies.  Can I just say that I just admire people that have more than two dogs at home.  I thought, these are tiny dogs, how difficult can it be?  Yorkies are quite demanding and are very social.  I have four tiny dogs following me around the house all day, all day!  We pray that they find good homes!

SOOOOOO, I wrote a book!  It’s a simple book.  I won’t win a Pulitzer Award BUT ya’ll, I did it!  I can’t wait to use it in my classroom!  To be honest, it isn’t entirely my idea.  There is a book in English titled, Mr. Wiggle.  Its about a worm that learns how to care for books.  It’s out of print and copies on Amazon sell for $80!  I made this book with the inspiration but I wrote it in SPANISH!  Our bilingual students often end up with the short stick.  There are never enough materials in Spanish and many of the translated materials are not equal or even comparable to those in English.


Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 6.45.02 PM.png

I put LOS BICHOS VAN A LA ESCUELA up on my Tpt store for $3.55!  I already printed my copy on card stock and had it bound at Staples.  If you do decide to purchase the book, you will have to prep the book before reading it.  You’ll have to do the scribbling, smearing,  and tearing yourself.  I used red watercolor for the juice and let it drip. I used brown tempera paint for the mud and smeared orange on my fingers to leave Takis fingerprints.

This will be a read on the first day of school and I am certain for a few mini-lessons that will teach my young readers how to care for books.




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